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Sommers Schwartz Serves Dr. Hardik Shah With Intent to Sue for Medical Malpractice Involving Former State Representative Terence Mekoski

Jun 9, 2023

Detroit, Michigan – Michigan-based law firm Sommers Schwartz has served Dr. Hardik Shah with intent to sue for medical malpractice after former state representative Terence Mekoski developed bilateral fungal knee infections under Dr. Shah’s care, leading to two-stage bilateral knee replacement surgeries. The claim also includes vicarious liability against the Institute of Neuromuscular Medicine, PLC, for Dr. Shah’s conduct in treating Mr. Mekoski.

Mr. Mekoski first contacted Dr. Shah seeking evaluation and treatment for bilateral knee pain on January 1, 2022. The encounter took place at Dr. Shah’s home, and it is unclear what assessments or findings were made. Dr. Shah evaluated Mr. Mekoski and reached several assessments, including osteoarthritis in both knees.

Over the following months, Dr. Shah performed several injections into Mr. Mekoski’s knees and neck and shoulders, with minimal documentation of the amounts injected. Despite Mr. Mekoski’s ongoing complaints of knee pain, Dr. Shah did not administer the required second injection of Hymovis, a drug used to treat osteoarthritis.

On May 28, 2022, Mr. Mekoski visited the Emergency Department at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, reporting acute knee pain and swelling. The Emergency Department physician noted bilateral joint effusions, and X-rays obtained showed significant degenerative changes in both knees. An orthopedic consult recommended diagnostic aspiration for possible septic joints, which revealed a fungal Candida species.

Mr. Mekoski was hospitalized at the University of Michigan Medical Center for further treatment of bilateral knee pain and fungal infections and underwent multiple irrigations, debridements, and drainage procedures. Eventually, he needed to undergo bilateral two-stage total knee replacements.

The claim against Dr. Shah includes several allegations of substandard medical care, including failure to conduct standard-of-care physical assessments, failure to follow standard protocols and procedures with respect to knee injections, and failure to follow standard sterility practices.

Terence Mekoski’s wife, Anna Mekoski, has also suffered severe loss of consortium as a direct and proximate result of Dr. Shah’s negligence and malpractice.

“While Dr. Shah has claimed one of the solutions he used to inject patients’ knees must have been contaminated before he purchased the product, thus far, we have not been informed by any governmental agency that has investigated this matter that any solutions used in the injection process were contaminated before arriving at Dr. Shah’s offices,” according to Robert Sickels, the attorney handling the matter for Mr. and Mrs. Mekoski. Mr. Sickels further stated: “Therefore, we believe it was the lack of appropriate sterility practices that was a cause of the fungal infections that Mr. Mekoski developed.”

Sommers Schwartz is committed to seeking justice for its clients and holding medical professionals accountable for their negligence. The law firm is prepared to fight for the rights of those who have suffered harm due to medical malpractice.

The case is scheduled to be filed in the Wayne County Circuit Court following the required 6 month notice period.

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