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Award-Winning Indiana Attorney Writes Book On Legal Rights

Mar 11, 2023

Attorney Mark Nicholson’s New Book

Indianapolis, IN (Law Firm Newswire) March 07, 2023 – Indianapolis award-winning attorney Mark Nicholson is excited to share the release of his book entitled The Law: From Prison to The Street, exclusively on Amazon. The book is geared towards those facing felony charges and those helping people facing criminal charges.

In his debut book, award-winning criminal defense attorney Mark Nicholson uses his personal experience to shed light on what life is like inside and outside of prison for someone facing or convicted of charges. He shares real-life examples of the various ways police and correctional officers may violate the rights of people and prisoners.

The book currently has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, with one reviewer, Shanna, saying, “This is a must-read book if you want to know about your rights and prisoners’ rights!”

The Law: From Prison to The Street was number 1 in new releases on Amazon under the Constitutional Law category. The book’s purpose is to educate prisoners and those facing criminal charges. Also, for people having their rights violated, and giving them the tools to protect themselves against government abuse.

Mark Nicholson is uniquely qualified to deliver this advice through his book because of his life experiences. He knows what it’s like outside and inside prison, being the first and only lawyer admitted to the Indiana State Bar Association with a major felony conviction on his record. Nicholson served more than ten years in prison for a manslaughter conviction. He was sentenced to 34 years in prison on January 22, 1993, but was released after about 12 years. Nicholson had worked to obtain his bachelor’s degree while serving time and officially began his legal career outside of prison in 2004.

Today, Nicholson’s story is one of redemption as he worked to get his life back on track and position himself as one of Indiana’s top criminal defense attorneys. His unique perspective and insight into the US prison system make him a valuable asset to his clients.

Nicholson’s book is now available in paperback and eBook, exclusively on Amazon. Those facing criminal charges or who know someone in such a position can learn how to protect their rights while in the US legal system. For legal counsel from the Law Office of Mark Nicholson, prospective clients can call 317-667-0718. You can also contact his law firm by visiting their website and completing the Free Intake Form.