Social Security Administration Important Information letter next to flag of USA.

The Inspectors General Community Stresses Warning About Scams: Criminals will Pretend to be from Any Federal Government Agency

Aug 19, 2022

For Immediate Release

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Criminals pretending to be from federal government agencies are tricking victims into sending money or sharing personal information. Criminals will continue to try different tactics until they find one that works. No matter what these scammers say, they pressure victims to act immediately and to pay using methods that are not typical for federal government business. Criminals want payments that are quick, anonymous, and tough to reverse.

Criminals are using the names of federal government officials and sending pictures of documents, evidence, and federal employee credentials and law enforcement credentials and badges in an attempt to prove their legitimacy. They may change the picture or use a different name, agency, or badge number, but it is still a scam.

Ignore these criminals and report them.
The Inspectors General community continues to stress to the public to be cautious of calls or messages claiming to be someone from a government or law enforcement agency.

Federal government employees and federal law enforcement will NOT send documents, evidence, credentials, or badges to verify their identity, nor will they demand any kind of immediate payment or personal identification.

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