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Secretary Raimondo Meets with Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness

Jun 29, 2022

Secretary Raimondo Meets with Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness
Wed, 06/29/2022 – 19:19


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Office of Public Affairs

Today, Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo met with the Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness (ACSCC) to receive updates, hear recommendations, and gather additional feedback on supply chain-related issues. During the meeting, Secretary Raimondo underscored the importance of the ACSCC’s recommendations to help inform Administration supply chain-related policies and initiatives, including interagency supply chain assessments and studies conducted under Executive Order (E.O.) 14017, “America’s Supply Chains.” She also emphasized the importance of passing the Bipartisan Innovation Act to boost domestic manufacturing and supply chain resilience and spur innovation in the United States through critical investments in the industries of the future. Secretary Raimondo specifically noted that the Act will help protect the future of the U.S. economy and provide the Department with more tools to address long-term issues negatively impacting critical supply chains. It would also invest $52 billion in domestic semiconductor production.

The ACSCC is preparing recommendations to the Secretary focused on issues such as getting people back to work and fostering growth in domestic manufacturing and sustainability, federal investment to support supply chain resiliency, increasing U.S. exports, chain and promoting and developing the freight industry workforce.

Secretary Raimondo also thanked members for their collective input aimed to reduce port congestion, improve and expand U.S. supply chain infrastructure and workforce, grow critical manufacturing sectors, and foster supply chain digitization and cargo flow awareness.

In addition to Secretary Raimondo, National Economic Council Director Brian Deese; Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves; and U.S. government officials from various departments and agencies provided remarks at the meeting.


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