Two Trucks Burst into Flames on Loop 820, Killing One, Injuring Two

Feb 7, 2022

Brooks Schuelke, Esq.
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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) February 7, 2022 – A recent collision between a truck hauling animal waste and a fuel tanker resulted in a major conflagration that burned for over three hours. One trucker died. Two others were injured. Since the start of the pandemic, fatal crashes involving commercial vehicles have spiked. 

Although traffic and safety experts are aiming to make road travel safer, the rapid population growth and business boom in Texas complicates those goals. When the pandemic started, road accident statistics took a slight turn for the better. But that trend quickly reversed itself. In 12 counties, fatal crashes involving a commercial vehicle shot up in 2020 and steadily increased in 2021. There were 78 fatal crashes in 2019, and 90 in 2020. 

There have been several theories about why wrecks were increasing despite the fact that traffic decreased during the pandemic. One theory is that there was a surge of aggressive driving at higher speeds leading to a higher chance of fatalities. Additionally, in recent months, the traffic and congestion has started to return, but the reckless driving behavior has not tapered off. It seems to have increased, creating conditions that are ripe for fatal wrecks to continue.

While law enforcement is attempting to address the careless driving issue, not all roadways lend themselves to enforcement. Expressways are difficult to police as there is no place to conduct a traffic stop. Add road hypnosis, experienced by long-distance truckers, and the mixture becomes even more volatile. With fewer truckers working now, those still on the roads are pushed to the limit of their endurance.

“No matter what the reasons for the higher incidents of big rig accidents,” said Austin trucking accident and wrongful death attorney, Brooks Schuelke,” those involved in a crash and who are seriously injured, need legal representation to seek compensation.” 

“Our door is open to you. We can discuss your case, outline your legal rights, explain how the law works, and what is likely to happen as your claim is filed,” he added.

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