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Contract Counselors’ New Legal Marketplace Provides a Modern Alternative to Traditional Legal Staffing

Sep 23, 2021

Contract Counselors

Atlanta, GA (Law Firm Newswire) September 23, 2021 – Contract Counselors is excited to announce the launch of a new online legal platform committed to simplifying and optimizing how law firms and contract attorneys connect. The purpose of the platform is twofold: provide law firms a flexible alternative to traditional legal staffing in an easy-to-use way while also giving freelance attorneys the ability to work where, how, and as much as they prefer.

“Many small law firms struggle with legal staffing because of the inherent unpredictability in law,” explained Joseph Robert, CFO of Contract Counselors. “While you may think you need a full-time associate, a case can quickly settle leaving you overstaffed. On the flip side, law firms often hesitate to hire additional staff while busy, leaving their associates working 60+ hours per week. And as it relates to the attorneys, many qualified and talented attorneys enjoy the work life balance and control over their schedule that freelance work provides. Our goal is to provide law firms and contract attorneys a flexible, modern-day solution to old school problems.”

The Contract Counselors platform is free to sign-up with no monthly or annual charges. The platform is mobile friendly and provides payment processing, tax reporting, secure messaging, document sharing, video chatting, meeting scheduling, attorney reviews, and much more.

Hiring attorneys fill out a project form detailing their current needs while contract attorneys fill out their profile with their background and work experiences. The hiring attorney may view the attorney database and invite candidates to apply for a project directly, or simply post the project and wait for applications to be received straight to their inbox. Once the law firm chooses a contract attorney, payments are made on a task-by-task, fixed fee basis. The hiring attorney sets the tasks, sets the price, and payments are released as each task is completed. As a project progresses, new tasks can be added to the contract at any time.

“The user interface was designed to be fast, simple, and easy to use. We know that lawyers are busy and won’t use a platform unless it’s easy to incorporate into their day-to-day. We made our platform mobile friendly so that law firms can access it on the go. In addition to all the great features, one of the things we’re most proud of is our lower overhead costs, allowing us to pass those savings onto the users,” says Mr. Robert.

Law firms looking for support or freelance attorneys looking for work opportunities should visit to get started today.

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