No World Borders Announces Expanded Electronic Health Record Forensics Expert Capabilities

Jul 7, 2021

Michael F. Arrigo

Newport Beach, CA (Law Firm Newswire) July 7, 2021 – Electronic Medical record forensics applies in HIPAA Privacy Breaches, Medical Malpractice, and Medical Billing Fraud Litigation.

No World Borders, Inc. announced that it is expanding its healthcare expert consulting and technology with its Electronic Health Record Forensic litigation consulting practice. Medicare and Medicaid paid over $35 billion in stimulus funds to incentivize hospitals and physicians to become Meaningful Users of Electronic Health Records. As a result, new forensic data is now available to experts who know how to find it.

Michael F. Arrigo, C.E.O. of No World Borders, said, “attorneys in HIPAA privacy, medical malpractice, and Medicare fraud litigation benefit from knowing who, what, when, and where physicians documented information. Insights may be gained in what medical decisions they made.” Arrigo continued, “The HITECH Act created clinical decision support, logs for adverse drug events including those related to opioids which is useful in detecting drug diversion and drug seeking behavior under the Controlled Substances Act, and electronic medication administration (eMAR) artifacts in the E.H.R. Forensic audits can now determine the accuracy of what litigants produce. Notification of ordering physicians of new diagnostic imaging results are also part of the E.H.R. safety mechanisms.

Key Industry Development

The American Medical Association Journal indicates that data provenance logs determine whether the information was typed in or integrated from another system such as pharmacy diagnostic imaging. Data provenance logs can help determine if a healthcare provider copied and pasted information from progress noted on another chart.

Hospitals and physicians attested under the HITECH Act as Meaningful Users risk penalties under the False Claims Act. Fines have been as high as $155 million to E.H.R. vendors. Recovery Audit Contractor (R.A.C.) Meaningful Use Audits continue in 2021 with judgments against hospitals and physicians.

The company’s E.H.R. Forensics capability includes a team experienced in clinical medicine, healthcare claim data analytics, and E.H.R. certification and implementation. This expertise is valuable to educate clients, courts, and the trier of fact regarding Standards including:

How can healthcare providers defend against E.M.R. audits / E.H.R. Audits by R.A.C. Auditors, C.M.S. Office of Civil Rights, H.H.S. Office of the Inspector General (OIG)?
What is an electronic health record audit log (also known as an electronic medical record audit log)?
What is the HITECH Act?
What are HITECH Act Information Safeguards?
What data is contained in the E.M.R. audit log?
What is the value of an on-site inspection of a hospital E.H.R.?
What is a meaningful use attestation?
From Meaningful Use to Promoting Interoperability of E.H.R.s
What is an expert witness in electronic health records?
Medical Billing Expert Witness – review of medical documentation and coding in electronic health records

About Michael F Arrigo

Michael F Arrigo is an expert in electronic health records. He was recently quoted in Fortune Magazine regarding electronic health records and a ‘new era’ of healthcare fraud. Clients include federal agencies, attorneys for patient plaintiffs, and hospital and physician defendants.

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No World Borders was founded in 2000. The company has a group of experts and technology focused on solving complex problems related to healthcare data, regulations, and economics and has offices throughout the U.S. The company news coverage hand examples of client success stories are listed on its website.

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