Texas Leads in Injuries, Fatalities for Children in Car Crashes

Apr 20, 2021

Brooks Schuelke, Esq.
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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) April 20, 2021 – A recently released whitepaper, authored by GoSafe Labs, covering 2015 to 2018, revealed children are more likely to be injured in accidents on rural versus urban roads.
The study indicated the top ten least safe states for collisions involving children, with Texas leading the pack, followed by California, Florida, Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Illinois, Arizona and Ohio. The company used public data from government sources that involved over 300,000 people involved in fatal accidents.
The whitepaper featured data indicating that 57 percent more children were killed or injured in rural accidents versus 43 percent of children killed in urban collisions. The data revealed that the severity of child injuries and deaths differed by road geography. Nearly two-thirds of the children seriously injured between 2015 to 2018 were in rural areas (63 percent) versus serious injuries in urban areas (37 percent). Texas led the way, with 1,172 children killed in rural and urban settings.
Being involved in a car accident is frightening for everyone, more so for children. To lose a child in a collision is devastating. Even though there are hundreds of details to deal with in the aftermath of a fatal wreck, this is precisely the time to get in touch with an experienced car accident attorney. It is best to do this before contacting the insurance company so that there is legal counsel to help sort out what to do next.
“Legal counsel can also deal with insurance companies for you to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement or to take your case to trial if there is a problem obtaining a settlement,” indicated Austin car accident attorney Brooks Schuelke. “If the other driver was negligent and was cited as being at fault for the accident, you are likely to be eligible for significant compensation for your losses.”
It is important to remember that if the accident is a bad one, possibly involving a commercial vehicle or a company vehicle, and there is a loss of life, do ‘not’ speak with anyone representing an insurance company. Insurance companies have one main goal – to reduce a payout or to deny one wherever possible. Speak only to legal counsel who handles all communications for the family.
“If you have lost someone in a car accident in Texas, call me, I can explain your legal rights and what you can expect if you file a lawsuit. I’m here to help,” Schuelke said.

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