Study Shows Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries Need More Than Two Weeks to Heal

Sep 24, 2020

Brooks Schuelke, Esq.
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Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) September 24, 2020 – From minor sports to professional players, many athletes cling to the misconception that a head injury is no big deal. Contrary to this idea, serious head injuries and trauma, or TBIs, frequently develop into severe health problems and other complications.

Even a mild traumatic brain injury, needs more than two weeks of recovery. A TBI could take up to 28 days or longer to heal. The brain is a complex organ, and if it sustains an injury, it needs time to heal properly. Athletes who ignore head injuries and TBI symptoms put themselves at risk or complications and further injuries.

According to a recently published study, a group of doctors at a sports medicine clinic in New Zealand conducted tests on sports-related mild traumatic brain injuries. The study involved 594 TBI patients who were tested every two weeks over a two-year time frame.

Study participants were divided into three groups made up of three categories – adults, children and adolescents. The groups were first asked to rest, followed by a paced program of physical and mental activity. The study’s results indicated that 45 percent of the test subjects demonstrated recovery within 14 days of the injury. By the four week mark, the recovery rate was 77 percent and by the eight-week checkpoint, the recovery rate was 96 percent.

The analysis concluded that recovery time from a mild traumatic brain injury is longer than 10 to 14 days and that a patient may be considered fully recovered after 28 days. Active rehabilitation seemed to be one of the main keys to helping reduce the timeline for recovery.

“Sports-related head injuries, mild or not, take a long time to recover from. It’s not a good idea to rush healing to get back into play,” stated Brooks Schuelke, Austin traumatic brain injury attorney. “That said, it’s a hopeful finding that it takes ‘time’ to recover correctly and sends a message to those who play and supervise contact sports to take the time and protect the player.”

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