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Daniel Soso Has Been Sentenced to 2 Years In Prison in Tax Evasion Case

Apr 13, 2020

Chicago, IL (Law Firm Newswire) April 13, 2020 – Daniel Soso of Aslip, Illinois, has been sentenced to two years in federal prison following charges of tax evasion.

Vadim A. Glozman, Esq.represented him as his criminal defense lawyer on this case, which spanned over years of tax evasion charges tied to Illinois tobacco settlements and also involved his associate former Alderman Edward Vdorlyak as another key player in the saga. Vdorlyak has also been accused of tax evasion in a sprawling and years-long federal case.

The longest sentence that federal tax evasion typically carries is up to five years in prison, but thanks to Mr. Glozman’s hard work on this high-profile case, US District Judge Robert Dow handed down a sentence of only two years for Mr. Soso. Vdrolyak’s sentencing is expected to be announced soon, closing the book on this years-long legal battle once and for all.

In the courtroom, Mr. Soso’s regret was on display for this crime as he apologized to his family for letting them down, admitting his “sorrow” and “shame” for his actions. Judge Dow received many letters on behalf of Mr. Soso, calling attention to his character and respectability, and pronounced that he had never received more in his courtroom to date.

Mr. Soso’s sentencing has ended an almost five-year journey since his indictment, and he is glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel. He is hopeful he can give back to society once again after he has done his time for his actions, and he is grateful to be able to put this whole situation behind him.

Daniel Soso’s case would have turned out very differently if not for Mr. Glozman’s meticulous and precise contributions to this case. He and his team worked day and night to ensure that Mr. Soso did not have to pay an unjust price for his crimes. It was Mr. Glozman’s mission to ensure that Mr. Soso received a fair and just outcome in his case, and he is proud of his work and his achievement for his client.

Vadim A. Glozman, Esq. is a criminal defense attorney in Chicago. His firm represents clients who have been accused of criminal acts, whether that is federal crimes like tax evasion in Mr. Soso’s case, or something as minor as drug possession charges. No matter what crime his clients have been accused of, Mr. Glozman is on a mission to ensure that every single one of them receives a just outcome for their case.

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