South Carolina Man Obtains 550K in Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Mar 18, 2020

David T. Pearlman, Esq.

Charleston, SC (Law Firm Newswire) March 20, 2020 – Charleston attorney David T. Pearlman of Steinberg Law Firm successfully obtains significant settlement award based on his client’s serious workplace injury

The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act provides a way for injured workers to obtain ongoing compensation after being injured in an on-the-job accident or suffering from an occupational illness. To be eligible for compensation under the South Carolina workers’ compensation system, an employee’s injuries must have occurred within the scope of their employment. Injured employees may be able to recover for the medical expenses, lost time, and permanent disability that they suffered as a result of a workplace accident.

In January of this year, attorney David Pearlman of the Charleston-based Steinberg Law Firm helped a man recover $550,000 after he fell, sustaining a facial fracture and cranial bleed. While some of the details of the settlement are confidential, attorney Pearlman explained that the employee was a heavy lift equipment mechanic at the time of the fall. As a result of the accident, the worker’s cognitive abilities and motor skills were both impaired.

South Carolina workplace accidents happen all the time. What makes this case unique is the manner in which attorney Pearlman was able to rebut the defendant’s expert. The defendant expert in this case based his opinion on an MRI that, he claimed, did not show any brain damage. Thus, in the expert’s opinion, the defendant’s post-accident impairment was only seven percent.

Rather than rely on an MRI, attorney Pearlman utilized new diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) technology. As David Pearlman explains “in many cases, especially in mild traumatic brain injuries, there is brain damage. It just has not been able to be seen through routine MRIs because the damage is microscopic. With the new technology of a DTI, you can capture and be able to show the true extent of the severe brain injury.”

A DTI image is a new technology that can be more persuasive than expert testimony on South Carolina workplace injury cases because, unlike an expert, a DTI image can show the damage. Attorney Pearlman noted that he hopes that other practitioners begin to use DTI imaging in other types of injury cases to show the full extent of a client’s injury.

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