South Carolina Man Recovers 1.68 Million Dollars in Workers’ Compensation Case

Feb 6, 2020

David T. Pearlman, Esq.

Charleston, SC (Law Firm Newswire) February 06, 2020 – Charleston attorney David T. Pearlman of Steinberg Law Firm successfully obtains 1.6 Million settlement based on his client’s workplace injury

A Charleston man who suffered a stroke after undergoing surgery to repair a shoulder injury he suffered on the job has received a $1.68 million settlement in a confidential South Carolina workers’ compensation case. The case raised an interesting issue related to the cause of the employee’s injury, and whether such an injury was covered under the workers’ compensation system. 

David Pearlman of the Steinberg Law Firm in Charleston reports that his 56-year old client injured his shoulder at work in September 2016. The client who had a history of coronary artery disease, got surgery the following summer, and two weeks later suffered a stroke that resulted in brain damage. 

 Pearlman said there was inadequate pre-surgery determination of the client’s risk for a potential stroke, and if the proper evaluation had been conducted before the surgery, procedures could have been used that would have prevented or reduced the possibility of a stroke. Pearlman said the client was taken off his anticoagulant medication before the surgery and was not properly put back on it after the surgery, putting him at a greater risk of having a stroke.

 Pearlman said that the employers’ insurance company had disputed that the stroke was a catastrophic consequence of the shoulder surgery. 

 “I didn’t think that the stroke was just a mere coincidence and it just happened out of circumstance two weeks after having surgery,” Pearlman said. “We wanted to, and were able to, develop enough evidence and expert testimony to show that there was a relationship between the shoulder injury and the resulting surgery, and then the resulting stroke, which left my client with substantial brain damage.” 

 Pearlman said the client and his family were able to buy a modified van for transportation and make modifications to their home to accommodate his limited mobility as a result of the settlement, which was also used to pay off the client’s house and provide the family with financial stability since he could no longer work. “We were pleased to be able to put together the medical avenues to support our claim and to achieve a very, very good result under the Workers’ Compensation Act for my client,” Pearlman said.

 The employee retained the services of Steinberg Law Firm’s veteran workers’ compensation attorney, David T. Pearlman. Attorney Pearlman has handled workers’ compensation claims on behalf of injured employees for four decades, and routinely lectures on workers’ safety and workers’ rights matters. He is regarded as an authority in workers’ compensation law across South Carolina, having won many high-profile cases in front of the state appellate and supreme courts. Based on these reasons, and his unceasing dedication to his clients, attorney David Pearlman has been named as a “Best Lawyer” since 2005. 

 The Workers’ Compensation Act in South Carolina provides a way for employees who are injured in on-the-job accidents to recover compensation based on their injuries. Depending on the extent of an employee’s injuries, they may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost time and permanent disability that they suffered as a result of the workplace accident. To establish eligibility under the South Carolina workers’ compensation system, an employee’s injuries must have occurred within the scope of their employment. 

 The skilled attorneys at Steinberg Law have over 170 years of combined legal experience handling South Carolina workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. Since the firm’s creation over 90 years ago, Steinberg Law attorneys have provided exceptional representation to clients dealing with personal injury and workers’ compensation claims in and around the Charleston, South Carolina area. Steinberg Law Firm attorneys are dedicated not just to each individual client, but also to the protection of all workers and the advancement of workers’ rights as a whole.

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