Chris Tymchuck, Chair of Estate & Probate Department at SeilerSchindel PLLC, Is Now a Certified Elder Care Mediator

Jan 17, 2020

Chris Tymchuk, Esq.

Minneapolis, MN (Law Firm Newswire) January 17, 2020 – Chris Tymchuck, already a well-respected estate planning attorney at SeilerSchindel, PLLC. in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, now has the added credential of being a certified elder care mediator. Having this additional certification is important to Ms. Tymchuck as well as to her grateful clients, since she is well-suited — in terms of her temperament, skill set, and commitment — to clarifying communications among family members.

Ms. Tymchuck knows from her own personal experience, as well as from her legal advocacy, how significant it is to help family members come to a meeting of the minds when resolving conflicts. Whether arguments arise between older adults or among adult children caring for elderly parents, Ms. Tymchuck feels that the difficult decisions surrounding aging are best addressed with an objective, empathic third party present to help all those involved come to acceptable resolutions.

The rigorous course she has just completed offers instruction in dispute resolution in which candidates practice their newly learned mediating skills through role-playing exercises. It also covers important subjects such as bioethics, elder abuse, and ways to work with families to help resolve disputes related to the care of an aging loved one.

With her new certification in place, Ms. Tymchuck is officially available to assist families in coming to terms with: healthcare and medical issues, living arrangements, financial decisions, estate planning, the potential need for guardianships or conservatorships, and end-of-life decisions. With a trained elder care mediator like Chris Tymchuck present, family members are able to work with someone who understands the unique issues that arise when families disagree over issues related to senior care.

Her compassion for all parties encourages cooperation. With her warm, accepting manner, she helps spouses, parents, children, and siblings design solutions that are workable in the long-term and work for everyone concerned.

About Chris Tymchuck

Ms. Tymchuck previously founded the law firm, Unique Estate Law, before taking over as the Chair of the Estate and Probate Department at SeilerSchindel PLLC. She built her reputation by specializing in working with unique families and tailoring her representation to the needs of each individual client. The services provided, whether they involve probate, special needs planning, LGBT families or certified elder care mediation are individually crafted and precisely executed. More can be found at