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The Immigration Reform Debate

Dec 27, 2019

Houston, TX (Law Firm Newswire) December 27, 2019 – The U.S. immigration system has been faced with many new challenges. Under the current administration, discussion about legal versus illegal immigration has intensified. Moreover, the administration has been attempting to make significant changes to the immigration system

The biggest point in the immigration debate are the rules placed on legal an illegal immigration. The current administration says a solution to the system’s woes is the implementation of legal immigration only. The administration has been involved in actions to limit illegal immigration.

However, relying only on legal immigration has its problems. Currently, legal immigrants must obey by the quota system. Under the quota only 7 percent of applicants from any country of any size can immigrate to the United States each year. This hurts larger nations, such as India, Mexico or China and has created a large backlog. This is reflected by the fact that some green card applicants from India have been on the wait list since 2010, and some applicants from China have been waiting since 2008. In other words, the quota system is working against immigrants from large countries.

The issue made it to the Senate in September 2019, but the bill that proposed to get rid of the per-country quota failed. The bill suggested that applicants from India and China be brought to the front of the line to clear the backlog. That would mean new applicants would, ideally, have a shorter wait time. Ultimately the bill focused on a fairer distribution.

However, it appears the Senate does not completely understand the ramifications of the current system. This is worrisome as skilled workers from India and China are desperately needed in the U.S. information technology industry. As it stands, large IT firms need to hire immigrant workers to fill vacant positions. That cannot happen unless legal immigration is fixed or improved.

The inability of the current administration to effectively deal with legal immigration begs the question of whether it can deal with illegal immigration in an effective manner. Implementing new rules on illegal immigration has turned out to be challenging. The current administration has faced fierce opposition to building a border wall or separating families at the border.

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