Lipsky Lowe Files Employment Lawsuit Against Tulane Medical School

Nov 7, 2019

Lipsky Lowe
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New York, NY (Law Firm Newswire) November 7, 2019 – Lipsky Lowe LLP, a premier New York-based employment law firm, is representing a Tulane medical school professor in a workplace discrimination and harassment lawsuit against the university. This case highlights the breadth and scope of our legal practice in its efforts to eliminate all forms of employment discrimination.

The Backdrop

In a complaint prepared and filed by partner Douglas Lipsky, our client, Dr. Lesley Saketkoo, an accomplished and esteemed medical professor, alleges that top male professors at Tulane University Medical School of Medicine created a discriminatory and hostile work environment for women physicians, researchers and staff members.

In particular, the complaint alleges that our client and other female employees were verbally abused and underpaid by a University professor. In addition, the offender allegedly took credit for their research and passed over female employees for professional opportunities in favor of less qualified male colleagues. Dr. Sasketkoo also alleges that she was physically threatened and feared for her safety. Finally, the complaint asserts that the dean of Tulane knew about the discriminatory actions but failed to act.

In sum, the complaint asserts that Tulane University School of Medicine failed to protect our client’s rights in violation of applicable federal and state law, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), the Equal Pay Act (EPA), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and the Louisiana Employment Discrimination Law (LEDL).

While the university claims that Dr. Sasketoo’s initial complaint was thoroughly investigated and no violations were found, Lipsky Lowe LLP is seeking a jury trial to obtain all available legal remedies. Our employment law attorneys have a well-earned reputation for providing our clients with informed representation in workplace harassment and discrimination claims. For more information, please contact our office today.

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