Ride Share Companies such as Uber can Increase Traffic Fatalities in Philadelphia

Oct 18, 2019

Dean Weitzman, Esq.

Philadelphia, PA (Law Firm Newswire) October 18, 2019 – Since the advent of Uber and other ride-share applications, ride-hailing services have become one of the more popular ways to get around. The number of rides across America, including in Philadelphia, soar annually. However, along with the increased number of rides comes an increase in Uber accidents.

A higher number of accidents is not the only problem. Uber is also negatively impacting other factors like higher traffic fatalities, drastic declines in transit use and increased traffic congestion. Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) certainly have a place in the mobility network of each city they operate in, but with increased traffic, accidents are more likely.

Interestingly, Uber and other similar companies reportedly drove 2.61 billion passengers to and from various destinations in 2017. The number of people across the nation who hailed a ride in 2016 was 1.90 billion. In the course of a year, there was a 37 percent increase in usage for TNCs.

In Philadelphia, the director of policy and special initiatives for Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems, Chris Puchalsky says “…the city from a congestion point really cannot afford all this extra traffic.” Philadelphia’s ride-share industry is regulated by the State Capital and overseen in the city by the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Seventy percent of all Uber activity takes place in nine large metropolitan areas: Washington DC, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Rather than reducing the number of miles driving, TNCs added 5.7 billion miles of driving in the nine largest metro areas – more travel, more chances of an accident happening with an Uber driver.

By the end of 2018, there were almost 4.74 billion trips made by ride-hailing services, a 241 percent increase over the last six years. A recent study conducted by the Booth School at the University of Chicago estimates Lyft and Uber have increased traffic deaths by 2-3 percent nationwide – a statistic that translates into about 1,100 additional fatalities a year.

In Philadelphia, many people use the Uber ride-hailing application and consider the service to be just like any other taxi business. However, it is not, and anyone involved in an Uber accident knows that getting a settlement can be incredibly complicated. The thorniest issue in Uber accidents is the question of insurance and when it is “applicable or active.” This is because Uber drivers are not considered to be Uber employees but instead are regarded as independent contractors.

When the Uber insurance coverage is active, it covers damage and injury up to $1 million per accident. When is Uber coverage active? Typically, it is active when the driver is logged into the Uber application.

Uber drivers can be in one of three driving stages. Which stage a driver is in during an accident determines the insurance coverage and compensation. The three stages are:

· Stage 1 — When the driver is not on duty and logged out of the application.
· Stage 2 — When the driver is logged into the application, but has not accepted a ride.
· Stage 3 — When the driver is between accepting a ride and dropping off passengers.

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