Enterprise Counsel Group Successfully Defends Client Against 15 Million Dollar Claim

Oct 7, 2019

Enterprise Counsel Group, ALC

Irvine, CA (Law Firm Newswire) October 7, 2019 – Following a seven-week jury trial in the Nevada District Court, Enterprise Counsel Group (ECG) Partner Anjuli Woods successfully defended client, Frederick Chin, in the case entitled LLV Holdco, LLC v. Atalon Management Group LLC, et al. against a $15 million claim.

In 2007, following the near collapse of LLV Holdco, LLC and its affiliates (plaintiffs), who were the developers of Lake Las Vegas, Mr. Chin was brought on as Chief Restructuring Officer. While holding that position, Mr. Chin successfully steered the plaintiffs through bankruptcy.

In this lawsuit, however, the plaintiffs sought to disgorge profits Mr. Chin received from a land investment, made years after he left the company, alleging fraud and breach of fiduciary duty, among other misleading theories.

The plaintiffs fought aggressively to withhold critical evidence, and in doing so, painted a false image of the events that unfolded. As a result of thorough work provided by Ms. Woods and the ECG team, evidence was uncovered that proved Mr. Chin and other defendants had indeed offered the investment opportunity in question to the plaintiffs, and the offer was declined.

This evidence convinced the jury to side against the plaintiff and in favor of Mr. Chin.

“The plaintiffs wanted none of the risk and all of the reward and were willing to tarnish Mr. Chin’s reputation in the process,” stated Woods. “It has been a privilege to represent Mr. Chin and the ECG team is looking forward to phase two in the legal proceedings.”

The litigation will now proceed to a second phase of trial, when Mr. Chin seeks to recover his litigation expenses from the plaintiffs.

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