Watchdog Report Says VA Paid for Unnecessary Medical Exams

Nov 7, 2018

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Northville, MI (Law Firm Newswire) November 7, 2018 – A recent Veterans Affairs Inspector General’s report shows department officials are set to waste over $100 million on tens of thousands of unwarranted health exams in the next five years. A sampling of re-examination cases last year revealed officials might have requested unnecessary check-ups in 37 percent of benefits cases.

These check-ups are meant to determine whether a veteran’s medical condition has altered enough to change the disability payouts. “The review team estimated that (the Veterans Benefits Administration) spent $10.1 million on unwarranted reexaminations during the six-month review period,” the report said. “VBA would waste $100.6 million on unwarranted reexaminations over the next five years without instituting procedures to ensure employees only request necessary reexaminations.”

Investigators discovered a good portion of cases that should be exempt from these check-ups, including times when veterans have a permanent injury and their health status is likely to remain the same. “The latest report from the VA Inspector General provides another example of the shortcomings of the VA,” said Jim Fausone, a veterans’ attorney at Legal Help for Veterans in Michigan. “Our veterans rely on the VA to provide them the best care and should not tolerate any unnecessary appointments or related inefficiencies in how the department operates.”

The VA pays for the cost of the exams, but the process can be inconvenient for the veterans. The superfluous exams also increase work for claims processors and VA doctors.Faced challenges receiving medical attention from the VA? Contact the attorneys at Legal Help for Veterans to get assistance.

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