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Court Radio with MyPhillyLawyer Discusses The Advantages of Having a Will

Nov 5, 2018

Philadelphia, PA (Law Firm Newswire) November 5, 2018 – Just recently on Court Radio, Dean Weitzman, managing partner of MyPhillyLawyer, and Saul Langsam, Esq., wills and estates attorney discussed the benefits of having a will and what could happen if someone did not.

Wills can be complex or relatively simple and according to Mr. Langsam, simple wills are easy to have written up in a matter of hours for about $250.00. As for the complex ones, of course, speak to a qualified attorney to get it done correctly and within the required legal parameters.

Death planning is something that many Americans do not want to talk about, as it hits too close to home. However, as Mr. Langsam and Mr. Weitzman point out: “Parents not leaving a will results in unrest among surviving siblings and we, as attorneys, end up getting paid to referee family battles. A simple will outlining the written expressions of the deceased on what their wishes were when they left this world avoids any difficult controversy.”

Weitzman explained that he had often seen difficult situations in his career that involved kids that lived in a family home for all their lives, grew up and went home to visit and then the parents die. “The person who goes back into the home is a beneficiary – a son or daughter,” explained Weitzman “but if there is no will, the son or daughter are now living in an asset they have a percentage ownership of – and this is where things can go off the rails.”

The only feasible manner in which to settle disputes of who owns what and how much of it is to sit down and discuss it and work it out. However, if that does not work and gets bogged down in family arguments, it is time to connect with an experienced wills and estate attorney.

The most interesting portion of the call-in show was the discussion surrounding those individuals that insist they have nothing that would constitute an estate and therefore do not have a will. “Bad things happen all the time and there is no reason not to have a will and here is why,” Weitzman said. “If you died in an accident and your family sues for compensation, you now have an estate. If there is no will in existence, the Intestate Statute comes into play.” Not having a will means any compensation obtained as a result of a successful lawsuit is then divided up by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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