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Former Inmate Offers Training Services, Educational Opportunities for Criminal Defense Attorneys

Aug 8, 2018

Prison Coach John Fuller

New York, NY (Law Firm Newswire) August 8, 2018 – Criminal defense attorneys are often the sole advocate for their clients. From the moment their client is charged with a criminal offense until the judge completes the sentencing process, the criminal defense attorney is required to use their legal expertise and professional experience to provide their clients with the best service possible. In addition to providing legal counsel, a criminal defense attorney also must be compassionate, empathetic and understanding.

As opposed to other CLE training opportunities that may discuss legal minutiae or industry trends that impact attorneys or their clients, John Fuller’s speaking engagements provide real-life insight into the perspective of those facing criminal charges and those who have been sentenced to a prison term. His personal experience and professional knowledge provide him with the qualifications necessary to take on these issues and to provide attorneys with guidance as they work with their clients.

In many cases, empathy can be challenging — especially since the criminal defense attorney has likely never been in the same position as their client. Now, Prison Coach John Fuller is offering criminal defense attorneys the opportunity to learn more about their clients’ perspective while also providing actionable advice for improving their legal services.

Fuller served 11 years in prison for forgery and refusing to testify in a federal drug case. He’s been advising clients on prison life since 2004. He has been linked to high profile clients such as Martha Stewart, Bernie Madoff, Plaxico Buress, Michael Vick, and Lamar Odom but never discloses the names of his clients.

Melinda Pendergraph, training director at the Missouri Public Defender’s Office, indicates Fuller’s ability to better understand the clients who they work with on a daily basis is valuable. “For me to have the information to explain to them what’s going to happen when they go into a prison, it makes all of the difference,” Pendergraph said after a recent training session. “Sometimes it’s hard for our clients to share those experiences, so it was really helpful for me to hear from someone who has been there. “Not only does John Fuller offer valuable information and additional resources that attorneys can use, he presents it in a manner which is digestible and engaging.”

“His communication was great, the way that he was able to get it across to us — it was very easy to understand,” said Adam Woody, attorney and vice president of the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. “It’s very valuable information that without a doubt I’m going to use. I’m going to put it in my toolbox.” Woody further stated “We could not have picked a better speaker.”

John has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, Hollywood Access, Fox News, ABC News, Good Day New York, WPIX New York, NBC News, New York Post, Crains New York and Loaded Magazine.

John is available to speak at legal conferences, CLE training classes and criminal defense seminars. He has experience speaking to local bar associations, criminal defense organizations and individual law firms.

To schedule John for an upcoming training, or to meet with a client who will soon surrender to the authorities or have any questions concerning his services, please contact Prison Coach Speaking & Consulting LLC.


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