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May Was Sexual Harassment Awareness Month: Ways to Prevent Sexual Harassment All Year

Jun 7, 2018

Los Angeles, CA (Law Firm Newswire) June 7, 2018 – Last month concluded the Sexual Harassment Awareness Month campaign — but that does not mean the end of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Increasing people’s understanding of what is and is not considered illegal behavior remains a crucial step to eradicating the problem that has plagued workplaces for decades. Throughout the month of May, Los Angeles employment law firm Strong Advocates invited the public to pose questions on any aspect of sexual harassment, and its experienced legal team provided answers on the law firm’s website.

The best way to stop sexual harassment is to keep it from starting in the first place. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) promotes a number of practices to prevent harassment, including the following:

· Have the leaders set the example: Maintain a culture where sexual harassment is simply not tolerated. Leaders should frequently and clearly state harassment has no place in the company and allocate enough resources for prevention efforts.
· Create a comprehensive policy: If a business already has a sexual harassment policy, then take a second look at it. Make sure the language describing prohibited conduct is easy to understand and includes examples. Spell out the steps that will be taken when someone reports sexual harassment so everyone knows the process.
· Make it easy to report a complaint: Provide more than one way to voice a concern or file a claim. Strive to respond to questions promptly.
· Require training on a regular basis: It is not enough to provide sexual harassment training when an employee is first hired. Offer different training sessions to new hires as well as those who have been with the company for years. Tailor the lessons to the company’s environment.

Survivors of sexual harassment can feel isolated. The team at Strong Advocates is always available to speak to those who have been sexually harassed. Contact the law firm at (800) 870-9886.

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