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What is Sexual Harassment? Los Angeles Attorney Invites Public to Ask Anonymous Questions

May 10, 2018

May is Sexual Harassment Awareness Month

May is Sexual Harassment Awareness Month

May is Sexual Harassment Awareness Month

Los Angeles, CA (Law Firm Newswire) May 10, 2018 – Despite increased awareness on sexual harassment in the workplace, it continues to occur and create offensive work conditions. Fortunately, state and federal laws protect victims of sexual harassment and provide avenues for victims to receive compensation.

The legal team at Strong Advocates is passionate about helping victims of sexual harassment. In order to help educate and empower victims about their rights and legal options, Strong Advocates is promoting May Sexual Harassment Awareness Month. To help create a safe space for dialogue regarding sexual harassment and abuse, the law firm has created an anonymous online question and answer forum. Strong Advocates encourages people to submit questions about sexual harassment to their website throughout the month of May, and a member of the firm’s legal team will respond on its blog.

“Strong Advocate fights relentlessly for our clients have who have suffered from sexual harassment. We understand how very difficult and often frightening it can be to encounter sexual harassment and assault. Our legal team is here to respond with compassion, to help meet victims where they are and to assist them in navigating their legal rights and options. One way we help people understand sexual harassment and their options is by answering people’s questions about sexual harassment on social media during Sexual Harassment Awareness Month,” says Strong Advocates’ Executive Director, Betsy Havens. “Of course, we will not post any information identifying the person asking the question, so there should be no fear about asking questions.”

Under the law, two main types of sexual harassment exist: Quid pro quo sexual harassment and Hostile work environment sexual harassment. “Quid pro quo” is Latin for “this for that.” It occurs when a supervisor gives the impression, either directly or indirectly, that an employee’s benefits, such as promotions, overtime pay or even the continuation of employment, will be impacted unless the employee accepts the supervisor’s harassing behavior, such as sexual advances. Hostile work environment sexual harassment is when an employee is subject to unwanted harassing conduct because of their sex or gender, such as sexual comments, advances, or touching. For the harassment to be actionable, it must be so severe or pervasive that it creates a work environment that a reasonable person would find hostile or abusive. Even co-workers can create a hostile work environment, and it is the employer’s responsibility to put an end to it, if they were aware of it.

Submit your anonymous questions to https://www.strongadvocates.com/sexual-harassment-awareness-month/.

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