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Jury Awards 6-Year-Old Spinal Cord Injury Victim 40.3 Million

Mar 13, 2018

Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) March 13, 2018 – Jurors awarded $40.3 million to a 6-year-old girl for a spinal cord injury that occurred during her birth in March 2011.

The young girl and her twin were delivered at a Delaware hospital in March 2011. During deliveryhe doctors discovered that, one of the babies was in breech “footling” position, with her feet pointed down. According to the lawsuit statement, the physician did not adequately protect the baby’s neck and head during the high-risk delivery. As a result, the baby was paralyzed from the chest down. The child is six-years old now, and unable to stand by herself, and has therapy several times per week.

Court documents said the doctor did not have the proper training, qualifications or experience to handle such a complex delivery. An expert medical witness testified the baby’s brain scans showed trauma during the delivery. “More than likely, the medical expenses left this family financially compromised,” stated Litigation Funding representative, Daren Monroe. “When a plaintiff is dealing with unpaid bills, and trying to keep track of medical and other expenses, as well as pay ordinary monthly obligations, extra cash in the form of a ‘lawsuit loan’ can come in very handy.”

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Once all the case documentation is received, reviewed and approved, funds can be sent via direct deposit or overnight mail within 24 — 48 hours. Plaintiffs do not owe any money until the case is successfully settled. At that time, repayment comes out of the proceeds of the case. “The appealing thing about lawsuit funding is that if the case is lost,” said Monroe, “repayment is totally waived.”

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