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Criminal Defense Lawyers Help Clients Seal Criminal Records in New York

Jan 22, 2018

New York, NY(Law Firm Newswire) January 22, 2018 – A New York law which came into effect in October of 2017 may have a positive impact on people convicted of crimes in the state or released from incarceration more than 10 years ago. The new law allows people convicted of a crime in New York more than 10 years ago to apply to get their criminal records sealed by the sentencing judge.

The experienced criminal defense lawyers at The Brill Legal Group are well-versed in representing defendants seeking to have their criminal records sealed. This change in law means people convicted of a crime in New York or released from jail more than a decade ago may request to have up to two convictions, including no more than one felony, sealed from public view. While not all felony convictions are included, such as murder or sex-related crimes, an attorney at Brill Legal Group can guide candidates through the process.

“Without a criminal record, it is easier to gain employment, get approved for housing, and makes it easier to get your life back on track,” says attorney Peter E. Brill, the firm’s managing partner.

When considering a person’s application to have their record sealed, the sentencing judge, county or Supreme Court judge may take several matters into consideration. They include:

· The number of years between the time of conviction or release from incarceration to the date of application
· The severity of crimes committed
· The defendant’s character, including any steps they may have taken to demonstrate their rehabilitation since their conviction/release from an institution, such as schooling, participation in drug or alcohol counseling
· Any statements made by the victim(s) of the crime(s) defendant is seeking to have sealed
· The potential impact on the public should the defendant’s application for sealing is approved

Brill is one of only a few attorneys in New York certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy in Criminal Law, a certification earned by demonstrating unparalleled criminal trial experience and legal knowledge.

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