You did not get into the H-1B lottery. Now what?

By now the Citizenship and Immigration Service has stopped giving receipt notices to the lucky few who got into the lottery.  If you have not received a receipt notice by now, chances are that you did not make it to the lottery

Please note that it is extremely important to maintain your non immigrant status. You can continue in your F-1 or H-4 visas. You may extend your OPT for the allotted time

If you (or your spouse) are not born in India or China and you have time left on your OPT, the Employer has the option to jump straight into the PERM-Labor Certification and Green Card (Permanent Resident Card) process. You might not need to change status, and might get the Green Card (Permanent Resident Card).

If you want to work, an H-3 Trainee visa may be possible. But your job needs to provide details of such training, including course materials. This is better if your job already has a training program on hand

Many nationalities (except Indians) can have a E treaty visa. If you are a Canadian or Mexican Citizen, a TN is possible. Other non immigrant categories like L, or O might be possible.

Also note an academic institution of higher education, (like a college) or a non profit research organization can sponsor you on an H-1B visa any time because they are not subject to the cap.

You can still file the H-1B next year.

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