Both parties can agree on Immigration Reform

My recommendation for the next President regarding Immigration Reform:

1 Unless the same party is in charge of the legislature and the executive, Comprehensive Immigration Reform is NOT going to happen. Reform Immigration piecemeal
2 Tackle Business Immigration first—-both Republicans and Democrats love this. Silicon Valley and fruit pickers jointly agree. Construction Companies and Chicken Processors agree
3 Concede to Trump’s agenda to reduce the Business Immigration backlog
4 Take away H-1B quotas and let market place dictate demands. If an employer does not have a valid job offer and files for anyone, make employer pay a fine and bar them from sponsoring anyone for 5 years
5 Introduce legislation where ordinary folks can sponsor cleaning ladies, pool cleaners, lawn maintenance guys as Guest workers—-with visas renewable every 2 years. Everyone needs to receive a fair salary. Everyone has to pay taxes
6 If guest workers can prove continuous employment after 10 years, make them pay a fine and become legal residents. Then they have 5 years and the exam to become citizens
7 Reduce the quota for family Immigration, unless it’s a spouse of USC or a Permanent Resident. If Immigrants want family connections, they can go back. This issue is hotly challenged by Republicans and it stands to reason. Parents are usually older and tax our already falling apart health care system.
8 I feel that if the above rules are implemented, then illegal immigration will slowly diminish. People won’t stay in the US, unless they have a job offer. After 2 years of implementation, the border issue can be tackled.

Written by Annie Banerjee, for Banerjee & Associates