Plaintiffs and Hiatt Intervenors File Amended Pleadings

The Plaintiffs in the Fun 5’s lottery game lawsuit against GTECH (International Game Technology) have filed their Fourth Amended Petition along with an Exhibit “A” which lists the names of the Plaintiffs who have sued GTECH.  The Hiatt Intervenors have also filed a Second Amended Petition and 7th Supplemental Petition that lists the names of Intervenors in the lawsuit who are represented by the Fritz,Byrne, Head & Fitzpatrick law firm in Austin.  A copy of both pleadings is posted below:

Plaintiff’s’ 4th Amended Petition

Exhibit A to Plaintiffs’ 4th Amended Petition

Hiatt-1st Amended & 7th Supplemental Petition for Intervention

By Mary Ellis LaGarde