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Florida Officials Say Violations of Florida Move Over Law Cause Car Accidents

Jul 28, 2016

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) July 28, 2016 – Florida law enforcement officials and advocates for injured people say violations of Florida’s Move Over Law cause car accidents that result in serious injury and death.

“Failing to move over or slow down for stopped emergency vehicles is a cause of numerous very serious accidents,” said Robert Joyce, a car accident attorney with Joyce & Reyes in Tampa. “Not only is it against the law, but a person who causes an accident through such negligence can be held liable for damages.”

In Florida, drivers who encounter police or emergency vehicles pulled over onto the highway shoulder or the side of the road are not permitted to maintain speed in the lane closest to the shoulder. Instead, on multi-lane roads, drivers must vacate the lane closest to the emergency vehicles. On two-lane roads, or multi-lane roads when it is not possible to move over safely, drivers must slow down to 20 mph under the posted speed limit. If the posted speed limit is 20 mph or slower, drivers must slow down to 5 mph.

Officials say the law saves lives, and violations result in tragic accidents. On May 26, a multi-vehicle car crash on the Howard Frankland Bridge in Tampa left a Road Ranger in serious condition. The Florida Highway Patrol said there was an initial crash involving two vehicles, and a Road Ranger had pulled over to assist them. Then, for unknown reasons, a utility truck carrying drywall barrelled into the Road Ranger vehicle, sending another vehicle up onto the guard rail. The Road Ranger driver, Omer Duncan was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital in critical condition.

Officials said that failure to obey the Move Over Law was a likely factor in the seriousness of the crash.

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