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Are Your New Tires Really New? Lawyer Says Tires Sold as New Could Be Over 10 Years Old

Jul 27, 2016

Miami, FL (Law Firm Newswire) July 27, 2016 – Debi Chalik of Chalik & Chalik Law Offices discusses whether your new tires are really new with Michael J. Swanson, the author of How David Beats Goliath, and the President and CEO of Advance Capital, Inc. In Chalik & Chalik’s practice, she has seen many cases in which people believe that they are driving with a brand new tire on their car, but in reality, the tire could be 10, 12 or even 18 years old. The tire appears to be brand new because it has no tread wear, but in actuality, it is rotting on the inside.

It is important for consumers to know that when they are purchasing a tire, that tire is really brand new, and has not been sitting on a shelf of a large warehouse for years prior to being put on their car. The way to know this is to look at the DOT code on the tire. The DOT code on the tire reveals the week and year in which that tire was manufactured. It is a four-digit code. While the first two numbers indicate the week in which the tire was made, the last two numbers represent the year that the tire was manufactured. The code is usually on the inside of the tire or the outside of the tire.

Spare tires can also be affected. There have been several cases where individuals have noticed that they had a problem with one of their tires, and they took it into a tire shop, where the worker removed a spare tire from a vehicle and put it on that car. Therefore, an individual thinks everything is fine now because they are driving with a new, full-size spare tire, but in fact, that tire has been sitting in the car for at least ten or twelve years. Since the outer appearance of the tire gives one the impression that it is brand new, the driver is unaware that the tire has been rotting on the inside.

Anyone that has been involved in an accident that could have been the result of this kind of tire failure is advised to contact Chalik & Chalik Law Offices by visiting their website at http://www.chaliklaw.com/practice-areas/tire-accidents/ or http://www.floridatirelawyer.com/.

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