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Tampa Veterans Attorney Welcomes VA’s Purchase of ReWalk Exoskeletons to Help Injured Veterans

Jun 22, 2016

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) June 22, 2016 – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in May announced its purchase of 20 ReWalk exoskeleton systems for a national clinical trial. The multicenter trial is the country’s first-ever study to evaluate the impact of daily exoskeleton use in an everyday setting.

The first phase of the trial will be held in VA medical centers in Florida, California, Massachusetts, Texas and Virginia. It will consist of 160 eligible participants who will be enrolled later this year. The six medical centers have already received ReWalk systems for training purposes.

“The ReWalk device has the potential to change the lives of injured veterans and help them regain a sense of freedom,” said David Magann, a Florida-based veterans attorney. “With so many veterans suffering from spinal cord injuries, it is essential to seek out new therapies and technologies that can help them regain movement and improve their quality of life.”

ReWalk Robotics is a global exoskeleton developer and manufacturer. The company creates and commercializes medical devices to help people with spinal injuries walk upright instead of using a wheelchair. ReWalk has already provided six units of the exoskeleton system to the VA. The VA’s four-year clinical trial will start in October and examine exoskeleton use in the home and in other aspects of daily life.

ReWalk currently offers two systems. ReWalk Personal is for daily use and is tailored to each individual. The ReWalk Rehabilitation unit is designed for use in a clinical rehabilitation setting. The ReWalk exoskeleton is the only such device in the United States to receive FDA clearance for personal use as well as for rehabilitation.

ReWalk CEO Larry Jasinski described the clinical trial as “groundbreaking.” He said in a statement, “The initiation of the study across these six VA medical centers will provide many veterans access to training with exoskeleton technology. We continue to work closely with the VA and offer our support as the trial gets underway.”

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