Author of Lottery Petition to Meet with Representative of Governor Abbott

Denice Deckard, the author of  a petition to restore honesty and fairness to the Texas Lottery Commission, is scheduled to meet with Jared Staples,
Policy Advisor to Texas Governor Greg Abbott tomorrow, June 22nd.  Ms. Deckard started a petition on in reaction to the Fun 5’s scandal involving misleading lottery scratch-off tickets that were designed by GTECH (International Game Techologylogy) and were sold by the Texas Lottery Commission.  Ms. Deckard’s petition asks the governor to provide Texas lottery players with consumer protections, to restore fairness and honesty to the Texas lottery and to hold both GTECH (IGT) and the executive director of the lottery commission responsible for the sale of the misleading lottery tickets.  Ms. Deckard’s petition has garnered nearly 9,000 signatures from Texas lottery players.  A copy of Ms. Deckard’s petition can be read >>here<<.

By Mary Ellis LaGarde