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Kortney Sawyer Died as a Result of an Undetected Nicked Artery

May 10, 2016

Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) May 10, 2016 – The day 36-year-old Kortney Sawyer went into hospital for what was deemed to be a routine hysterectomy was the last time she saw her family. She died on the operating table.

Two Peoria doctors were found liable for Sawyer’s wrongful death with the jury awarding the family over $5 million. The award is to assist Sawyer’s husband and three children move forward with their lives. It was a one of those wins that while appreciated, emphasized the loss of Kortney Sawyer as a wife and mother.

Sawyer’s hysterectomy was supposed to have been done on an outpatient basis. No one thought that anything would go wrong. Dr. Eric Hawkins and Dr. David Kindred were found liable for her death.

Kortney Sawyer died as a result of internal bleeding that went undetected for two hours. An artery had been lacerated during the procedure by an instrument used by Kindred. The court documents revealed that the anesthetist and her supervisor noted the patient’s blood pressure was fluctuating and dropping. They suspected internal bleeding. However, despite their suspicions, there was no order made for transfusions or a request to operate and check for internal bleeding until it was too late.

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