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Austin Injury Attorney Bobby Lee – Boston Breaks Ground Teaching EMTs Boating Accident Triage

Apr 29, 2016

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) April 29, 2016 – Austin and other large Texas cities could use this kind of partnership to assist those injured in boating accidents.

Boating is a favorite pastime in Texas, with many lakes, rivers and other bodies of water beckoning to boat enthusiasts. Not everyone follows safe boating practices and some personal watercraft owners boat while under the influence. Boating under the influence is a recipe for an accident resulting in serious injuries or death.

EMTs/first responders have to know precisely what to do when they arrive at the scene of a boating accident, and many times that also includes knowing what to do with the types of injuries sustained in such an accident.

In Weymouth, local harbormasters, police, first responders and emergency medical services personnel led by the emergency medical services director at South Shore Hospital, held a seminar on how to successfully get an injured boater to the hospital alive. The physician instructing the gathering was one of only eight doctors in the state who is board-certified in emergency medical services.

“The fact is that a boat does not even have to have its engine running for someone to get a very serious laceration from the propeller,” said Austin boating accident attorney, Bobby Lee. Furthermore, the kinds of accidents that may happen while boating and any rescue attempts are compounded by the fact that the accident may happen while still out on the water and not close to shore.

It is not uncommon for strokes, burns, diabetic reactions, heart attacks, crush injuries and head and chest injuries and other life threatening events to take place while boating and/or boating while under the influence. The main point of the seminar presentation was that the right type of basic support at the accident scene paved the way for emergency services to take over and save the injured victim if it were at all possible to do so.

The first of its kind of event partnering first responders dealing with boating accidents and doctors who ultimately patched survivors up means those enjoying the boating season can do with the confidence that if they are in an accident, EMTs know exactly what to do to stabilize them.

“This kind of a presentation would absolutely be the right thing for first responders in the Austin area. The more lives saved the better,” Lee said.

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