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Attorney Mark Gilfix Discusses Technology and Long Term Care in ElderLaw Report Article

Apr 14, 2016

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) April 14, 2015 – Attorney Mark Gilfix of Gilfix & La Poll Associates was featured in the April 2016 issue of The ElderLaw Report: Including Special Needs Planning. The national publication reports on key developments in elder law and provides practical solutions to the unique legal challenges the elderly population faces today.

In his article, titled “Technology Innovation and Long-Term Care: Report From the Aging 2.0 Expo,” Gilfix focuses on the relationship between elder care and technology. In this context, he shares insights he gained from attending the Aging 2.0 Technology Expo held in San Francisco, California, in November of 2015. Aging 2.0 is an organization founded in 2012 to encourage technology innovation geared toward improving the lives of elderly adults around the world.

Planning for long term care is not easy as it involves many factors. Gilfix’s article highlights some companies and ideas he believes have the potential to positively impact care for seniors, especially home care services. Some topics addressed in the article include caregiving, robotics, financial services and at-home monitoring. For example, first-time caregivers may benefit from online resources that provide them with training.

Technology is an integral part of the modern-day approach to elder care. It can serve as a valuable tool for improving long term care and helping individuals age safely. As a result, Gilfix encourages elder law and estate planning attorneys to monitor innovations in the field. “I believe that we have only begun to scratch the surface of the potential these new technologies and services have to revolutionize long term care for the elderly,” says Gilfix.

Gilfix & La Poll Associates is an estate planning, special needs planning and elder law firm based in Palo Alto, California. Gilfix & La Poll has collaborated with Aging 2.0 for over two years. The relationship allows the firm to stay abreast of developments that are relevant to their clients.

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