How to Deal with a Low-Earning Narcissist Spouse

divorce attorneys in Orange County; The Maggio Law FirmA narcissist is a person that is often hard to deal with, let alone spend time with. Yet, there are people who have been married to narcissists and who are now after their ordeal are seeking a divorce.  If you think that dealing with them is hard, consider how it is when you have to deal with them every day for a large part of your life.

The thing about a narcissist spouse that makes them one of the worst adversaries to have in a divorce case is that they can make use of any and all tricks in the book to get what they want.

How they can try to damage you

There are a number of different ways that a narcissist can damage you in a legal battle. Considering that they have the custody of the child momentarily they will make use of the child as a weapon to get leverage over you.  This could mean a number of things on their part. They can either interfere in your custody or visitation rights, deliberately use the child as a messenger against you or worst brainwash the child about how bad or irresponsible you have been.

Not only will that, sometimes a low-earning narcissistic spouse in a divorce case can level false allegations against you. While use of false allegations is looked down upon in the courts, to a narcissist nothing matters more than the feeling of victory they want to have over you.

How to deal with them

Here are some ways to deal with a narcissistic spouse:

·         Making Use of Contempt of Court

The use of contempt of court proceedings is often one of the last resorts for spouses. But if you are fed up of constant meddling in your custody rights and usurpation of any functions that you have been granted with respect to the child such as not letting you meet the child on you visitations can if proven in court be used against the other spouse and they fined and asked to comply.

·         Using the Attorney Fee and Sanctions

Any spouse that is behaving irrationally or causing undue delay or causing any hindrance can be penalized using this sanction in a divorce case under Family Code section 271.

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