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Austin DWI Traffic Accident Kills One

Jan 20, 2016

Austin Personal Injury Lawyers

Austin Personal Injury Lawyers – Perlmutter & Schuelke, PLLC

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) January 20, 2016 – Anthony Anania, out drinking in Austin at 2 a.m., ran a red light, slamming into two cars. He killed one person and seriously injured another.

It was just another night out for 21-year-old Anania, a good time with friends, talking, laughing, drinking, drinking to excess. On his way home, he admittedly ran a red light at the intersection of Slaughter Lane and MoPac. One man died. Another was badly injured. It was Austin’s 81st fatal car crash of 2015.

“The gentleman who died was relatively well known in Austin for his band, Donn and the Station Masters. Anania’s vehicle collided with William Colbert’s Chevy Prism with such driving force that it rotated the car clockwise, causing it to hit another band member’s vehicle,” said Austin person injury attorney, Brooks Schuelke of Perlmutter & Schuelke, PLLC, not involved in this case.

The second band member, William Starrett, badly injured in the wreck, was able to tell police that the driver of the car that hit Colbert ran up to his window and blurted out, “I blew through the light, sorry man.” Sorry does not even begin to make reparations for this horrific accident.

Anania downed four alcoholic drinks while at a bar. And then he made the decision to climb behind the wheel of his car. Minutes later, he had killed one and severely injured another.

Although William Colbert was alive when fire crews got to him, he subsequently died at the hospital.Anania was charged with intoxication manslaughter.

“There is no acceptable reason for drinking and driving,” said Schuelke. “There is no reason why someone would not understand the link between driving while under the influence and potentially being involved in a serious or fatal accident. William Colbert lost his life because someone wanted to drink to excess and then think they could drive home.”

For those who have been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, reach out and contact an experienced personal injury attorney and find out how to seek compensation for serious injuries that require ongoing medical care, or for reparation for a wrongful death.

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