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Law Firm Marketing Companies SEO | Law Firm and Custom Legal Marketing Merge to Create CLM Grow

Dec 9, 2015

Jason Bland of Custom Legal Marketing talks about the CLM Lounge features that will be included in CLM Grow Reports.

Jason Bland of Custom Legal Marketing talks about the CLM Lounge features that will be included in CLM Grow Reports.

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) December 8, 2015 – Adviatech, the parent company of law firm marketing brands SEO | Law Firm and Custom Legal Marketing (CLM), has merged their two core brands together to create CLM Grow.

When Adviatech launched SEO | Law Firm in 2007, it quickly became the flagship brand of the online marketing company. In 2013, the company created Custom Legal Marketing as a spinoff of SEO | Law Firm’s Large Firm Marketing service. As the attorney website design and law firm marketing processes have evolved, the lines have blurred between the two services.

SEO | Law Firm caters to solo practitioners and law firms with one to three attorneys. Custom Legal Marketing generally works with established firms with five or more attorneys in highly competitive markets. The two brands have a few differences. SEO | Law Firm websites are predominately based on exclusive frameworks developed by the company’s award-winning design team called CLM Grow Sites and their search engine marketing strategies are generally more affordable as their clientele works in less competitive markets. Custom Legal Marketing websites are completely built from the ground up, are powered by the CLM Essentials management system and come with custom photographers and focus groups. Marketing plans are very aggressive to help their clients excel in competitive markets, and their clients get access to an extensive reporting system called the CLM Lounge.

SEO | Law Firm is now CLM Grow

SEO | Law Firm is now CLM Grow

“While it originally made sense to have these two separate brands, we now feel that we can better accommodate law firms of all sizes by consolidating the services under Custom Legal Marketing. We already have a lot of cross selling between the two brands, and many SEO | Law Firm accounts grow into Custom Legal Marketing plans. Merging SEO | Law Firm and Custom Legal Marketing is going to offer big benefits to existing and future clients,” said Jason Bland. Bland is one of the co-founders of Adviatech and created the Custom Legal Marketing concept.

Attorneys and law firms that may not need the full custom websites and highly aggressive marketing strategies used by Custom Legal Marketing’s customer base can now look to CLM Grow. CLM Grow and the framework-based CLM Grow Sites provide affordable solutions that fit the needs and budget of most solo-practitioners and small practices. Many SEO | Law Firm clients that are now serviced under CLM Grow will be getting access to CLM Grow Reports, a limited version of the CLM Lounge reporting center which provides basic search engine ranking and social statistics.

“By combining SEO | Law Firm and Custom Legal Marketing, we are now able to offer more flexibility to younger and established firms. We can now pair affordable framework-based websites with high-end aggressive marketing strategies, or large custom websites with less aggressive scalable marketing plans. We can now truly serve every law firm,” said Bland.

Learn more at http://www.customlegalmarketing.com/grow/.

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