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Attorney Tim Coffey, a Long-Standing Volunteer with DuPage County CASA

Dec 18, 2015

Chicago, IL (Law Firm Newswire) December 18, 2015 – Attorney Tim Coffey, a concerned parent and dedicated father, is a long-term volunteer in good standing with CASA of DuPage County, Illinois. He is an advocate for children and remains so for the duration of the child’s journey through the court system.

CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates, otherwise known as “Friends of the Court.” Tim Coffey advocates and speaks to what is in the best interests of dependent, abused and neglected children caught up in the DuPage juvenile court system. “I firmly believe every child deserves to be treated fairly and has the right to live in a safe, permanent home,” said Coffey. “The children in the court system do not have a voice without an advocate at their side. It’s a volunteer position I take very seriously.”

Special advocates are trained by CASA staff on how to oversee court cases involving children as old as 18 and as young as a newborn. Children in the DuPage County juvenile system have been adjudicated as neglected, abused and/or dependent. Once adjudicated as such, CASA volunteers, like lawyer Tim Coffey, are judicially appointed to be an advocate for a child and protect their interests.

“I received 35 hours of training and was involved in a minimum of three hours of court observation prior to being sworn in as an advocate,” said Coffey. “I was then assigned to observe a child’s case. I do that until the case reaches a final disposition.” Assigned advocates go to all meetings related to a child’s health and welfare and are front and center in any court proceedings when the case comes up for review.

Advocates spent a large amount of time reporting their findings on the case they are following to juvenile court judges. Such reports typically contain information on personal needs, required medical care, the child’s family situation, educational needs, foster placement and the child’s life in general. Reports written by advocates enable judges to make informed decisions about a child’s treatment needs and placement requirements.

Being a court appointed special advocate is a position Coffey feels offers a vital contribution back to his community. While he is not certain how long the case he is monitoring is to last, the average case runs to 38 months in duration. In 2014 alone, CASA volunteers like Tim Coffey spent over 6,700 hours working on cases and drove over 44,000 miles on their own time.

“I am honored to play such an important role in the life of a child who needs a second chance to be all they can be,” said Coffey.

Timothy Coffey encourages anyone wanting to make a real, positive difference in a child’s life to donate or volunteer with CASA: http://www.dupagecasa.org/

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