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Law Firm Marketing Magazine, BLF, Talks About Switching to Mac and Getting Client Reviews

Nov 10, 2015

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) November 9, 2015 – The latest issue of Bigger Law Firm magazine features an article about attorneys making the switch from Windows to Mac and Linux. Ryan Conley explains that Mac and Linux offer alternative operating systems that are viable for attorneys. He shares the many solutions that allow Windows software to run on Mac OS or Linux, and gives examples of cloud software that can be operated on any web browser.

Conley further describes the distinct advantages that Mac and Linux have over Windows. Each provides ease of use, security and privacy. Moreover, another advantage of Linux is that one can install and run the system from a USB flash drive, thereby eliminating the need to purchase another computer.

In her article, Dipal Parmar discusses the ways in which lawyers can use video advertising to promote their practice and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Parmar further explains the importance of ensuring that one creates quality video ads, which should be engaging and appealing so as to capture viewers’ attention.

Brendan Conley highlights the importance of developing an effective strategy for online marketing, including press releases, blog posts, webpages, FAQs, social media content and videos. He also states that in creating a content strategy, one must determine the target audience and provide relevant content including common areas of interest or concern to one’s potential clients. One can then assess the effectiveness of the strategy by using such tools as Google Analytics.

Roxanne Minott illustrates the importance of developing a client feedback program for an attorney to find out whether their clients are pleased with their work, and whether any changes should be implemented to improve upon the services provided. She further describes the various types of client feedback programs and the ways in which they can be used as marketing tools.

Kristen Friend offers insight into the use of pay-per-click Bing ads as part of a firm’s marketing efforts, and discusses the advantages it has over Google Adwords, including its lower cost. Some features offered by Bing include Ads Intelligence, which helps with research and suggestions of keywords, and group-level control, which allows one to make changes to a schedule for groups within a campaign.

Kerrie Spencer describes a new product called Capture.it that helps lawyers recover billable hours by tracking their activities and making time entries. Spencer highlights the benefits of using Capture.it, including its one-click capture, web portal access and compliance with the ABA Model Rules that stipulate a duty to ensure that the client is informed, as well as to maintain accurate records of client activity.

Download the latest issue of Bigger Law Firm Magazine "The Switch: How do Mac and Linux Stack up for Attorneys"

Download the latest issue of Bigger Law Firm Magazine “The Switch: How do Mac and Linux Stack up for Attorneys”

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