Family of Florida boy who suffered brain injury sues fumigation company

The family of a Florida boy has filed a lawsuit against a pest control company, claiming that incompetent fumigation caused the boy to suffer brain damage.

According to the lawsuit, Terminix Pest Control and its subcontractor Sunland Pest Control negligently fumigated the McCaughey home, failing to properly ventilate the home properly after the completion of fumigation, and telling the family it was safe to enter when it was not. The lawsuit claims that the entire family got sick, and the 10-year-old son suffered catastrophic brain damage.

The lawsuit alleges that when the family re-entered their home on Aug. 16, the boy inhaled pesticides that caused a traumatic brain injury, resulting in the loss of motor control and the ability to speak. The lawsuit claims that the boy is facing months in a rehabilitation center and his chances of recovery are uncertain.

Terminix said that it had cancelled its contract with Sunland and was reviewing the matter, and that its hearts are with the family.

An investigation by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services found that the boy’s injury and illness were caused by exposure to pesticide, and that Sunland was not able to produce working gas meters when questioned. The meters are used to determine when it is safe to re-enter a fumigated home.

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