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DUI Drivers at Fault Outted by the Science of Analyzing Crashes

Nov 30, 2015

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) November 30, 2015 – Even if a driver tries to alter a crash scene, or tell their version of events, the science behind analyzing crashes reveals the truth.

Plaintiff’s personal injury attorneys have dealt with a wide variety of accidents caused by someone driving while under the influence. Victims come to them for assistance in seeking compensation for their injuries and in the worst cases, seek to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Part of the process of determining who is at fault in a drunk driving accident is dealing with the science of crashes to find the true story behind vehicular homicides. “It is very much like finding puzzle pieces and assembling them into the big picture to figure out how the collision happened,” said Bobby Lee, a noted Austin personal injury lawyer.

The process of figuring out what really happened in crashes relies on physics, math and the very latest in smart technology. All forms of fatal accidents, ranging from those allegedly caused by drunk drivers to those involving speeding, tell a story that prosecutors need to know in order to lay charges in a case.

Much of the technology used to figure out what caused a crash lies in the little black boxes onboard in newer vehicles. These are event data recorders and they play a huge role in revealing a driver’s actions before, during and after a collision. “Despite what an inebriated driver may say, if there is a black box onboard, it holds the real story, waiting to be interpreted by an accident investigator,” said Lee. It can tell if the driver hit the gas or the brakes before the accident.

Crash science and how to interpret the pile of metal left after a wreck involves several components, including traditional and new technology. The vehicle itself reveals how it was hit, what speed it was traveling at, what angles were involved and the force of impact. Other important markers such as scuffs and skid marks tells who was where before the collision, and mathematics figures out the speed, force, time and distance of the vehicles involved.

Technology is always evolving, and more recently, onboard car data event recorders are being equipped with the ability to record GPS coordinates and cell phone use. “And while a driver arrested after an accident may say they did not use their cell phone and were not texting while driving, the data event recorder is soon to tell a different story if the driver tossed his or her phone after a crash,” Lee said.

Working on a DUI case to take to court often involves the use of accident reconstructionists as expert witnesses and their report is often one of the first things a personal injury attorney asks for to determine how to mount a case. “If you have been involved in a nasty accident with a drunk driver or involved in a collision where the other driver was speeding, we are able to help you seek compensation for your injuries,” Lee said.

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