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Trucker Admits to Distracted Driving After Four-Vehicle Pile-Up

Oct 22, 2015

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) October 22, 2015 – This multi-vehicle accident involved an 18-wheeler and four other vehicles. It was a miracle that no lives were lost.

On Aug. 26, an 18-wheeler traveling south on 59 Eastex Freeway near Greens Road suddenly veered right, onto the shoulder, then corrected to come back left. During the overcorrection, the big rig took out four other vehicles as it crossed over into the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane and came to rest leaning over the guardrail.

Emergency crews arrived quickly and went to work moving vehicles involved in the collision away from the middle barrier separating north and south lanes. Three people and the trucker were taken to area hospitals as a precaution, but none appeared to have sustained life-threatening injuries.

“In speaking with the police at the scene, the trucker driver readily admitted he lost control of the big rig when he was reaching down to the floor of his cab to pick something up. He had dropped something, and rather than wait until he was stopped at some point, he reached down to get the object off the floorboard,” said Bobby Lee, a well-respected Austin personal injury attorney, not involved in the case.

In taking his eyes off the road, the trucker lost control of his rig and it veered to the right onto the shoulder, at which time the driver realized he had lost control. In attempting to correct his trajectory, he overcompensated and ended up taking out four other vehicles as his truck swung to the left and came to rest on the HOV median.

“This is a pretty clear instance of distracted driving, and it is likely the trucker will be charged accordingly,” Lee said. “Those involved in the accident may have expenses arising from their examinations at the hospital and the dispensing of any drugs. They may also have other injuries that come to light later that were not noted on first examination.”

For victims that have sustained injuries in a collision that do not show up for some months, it is best to contact a personal injury attorney right away for information. “Do not sign any papers given to you by your insurance company or the other party’s insurance company. Bring those documents to a competent injury attorney. Insurance companies are not your friends and their main goal is to get you to settle fast and early for a fraction of what you may be entitled to if you went to court,” Lee said.

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