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Inside Social Networks: BLF Magazine Offers an Inside Look for Attorneys

Oct 27, 2015

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) October 27, 2015 – An article in the latest issue of Bigger Law Firm magazine offers an inside look at how attorneys and law firms should be using social networks for marketing purposes.

In the magazine’s Get Social feature, law firm marketing expert Ryan Conley explains how social networks are not just for young people and techies, but have become essential for marketing, visibility, professional networking and staying current with the times.

There are a lot of social networks vying for users’ attention, and ebbing and flowing in popularity. Attorneys and law firm marketers are surely aware that social media can be valuable marketing tools, but may wonder which are worthwhile and which are not. Conley takes readers through the top five, explaining which are essential and which can be safely regarded as optional. The article also contains valuable tips on how to make the best use of each network.

LinkedIn, Conley says, is essential, and for a firm to have no LinkedIn presence at all might be seen as unprofessional. Likewise, Facebook is a must, simply because of its ubiquity. Some describe Google Plus as a “ghost town,” but Conley points out that the integration with Google’s search engine and maps raises the importance of this network. Social media like Twitter and Instagram, while popular, are not essential for law firms to participate in. Nevertheless, Conley shares some secrets for how law firms can use these networks for innovative marketing.

Read the latest issue of Bigger Law Firm magazine to learn which of the most popular social networks are right for your firm.

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Download Storytelling & Storymaking – The Bigger Law Firm Magazine

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