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Chicago’s Rosebud Restaurants Hit With Another Discrimination Lawsuit

Oct 6, 2015

Chicago, IL (Law Firm Newswire) October 6, 2015 – In some instances it may be assumed that once sued for discrimination, a business may implement changes that would bring any questionable practices into compliance with federal law. That was not the case with Rosebud Restaurants, which was recently sued for systemic sexual harassment and gender discrimination in their chain of restaurants.

In the latest lawsuit filed against Rosebud Restaurants, two female workers allege in their statement of claim that they were continually subjected to being called obscene and sexist names, unwanted groping, humiliation and lack of promotion into leadership roles. The plaintiffs allege that they were fired from their respective positions in retaliation after they took their complaints to human resources.

Kim Kininmonth and Cristina Cortez, former employees of Rosebud, hired an experienced employment attorney to support them. During the course of counsel’s investigation, a surprising amount of evidence was found, and the allegations are backed by two other former Rosebud employees. The plaintiffs are seeking punitive damages and wage recovery.

In lawsuits like this one, it is often difficult to find convincing, clear and credible evidence.

“Many discrimination lawsuits have an element of he says versus she says and can be difficult to prove, but not impossible,” said noted Chicago employment attorney, Timothy Coffey, who is not involved in this case.

The complaint filed with the court details various allegations about working for Rosebud Restaurants, including the presence of pornographic magazines, male workers inappropriately touching female workers on the buttocks and breasts, an unresponsive human resources department that allowed a sexually hostile work environment to proliferate, the continued use of inflammatory and offensive racist language describing Mexicans and African-Americans, the use of sexist language directed at females and events in which managers told female employees they wanted to have intercourse with them in the restaurants.

This particular lawsuit also details declarations from two former workers outlining similar issues and previous lawsuits. Rosebud has previously been accused of age discrimination, a CEO was fired for discriminatory practices and a former employee accused Rosebud of firing her when she became pregnant. Rosebud’s statement in response to the most recent lawsuit claims the chain fosters a respectful and safe workplace for all workers, free from harassment. That claim is likely to be examined in court.

“For workers in situations such as this one, do not hesitate to take your concerns to an experienced employment attorney. You have legal rights, including the legal right to a safe workplace, free from harassment and discrimination. You may discuss your concerns with me,” said Coffey.

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