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Bigger Law Firm Magazine Teaches Lawyers About the Art of Storytelling

Oct 9, 2015

Art of Story Telling Featured in Bigger Law Firm Magazine

Art of Story Telling Featured in Bigger Law Firm Magazine

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) October 9, 2015 –

The latest issue of Bigger Law Firm magazine tells attorneys how to develop an engaging and memorable web presence to connect with visitors.

In the feature article, “Mastering the Art of Storytelling and Storymaking,” Dipal Parmar explains how building a story for your firm’s brand creates an emotional connection with potential clients and fosters growth.

Parmar examines four elements that contribute to a compelling brand story.

When a firm’s story reflects its true values, it evokes authenticity. Memorability can be achieved by emphasizing a firm’s motivations. Consistency means making a firm’s story a part of its identity, present in all forms of online outreach. Tone, the final element, is how a story evokes a specific emotion from the audience. With attention to these four elements, Parmar says, any firm can create a story that resonates with potential clients.

The collaborative process of storymaking is also discussed in Parmar’s article. Based on the notion that user-generated content is more trusted by users than brand-generated content, storymaking engages the audience to share their own stories. Client success stories, for example, can help develop an emotional connection between site visitors and firms. And through social media, clients can help direct the conversation by bringing attention to the issues that matter to them.

Parmar wraps up by explaining how specific social media outlets and types of content can be used for a firm’s storytelling and storymaking.

Each issue of Bigger Law Firm is packed with ways to effectively and efficiently utilize modern technology to grow a firm and serve clients.

Download Storytelling & Storymaking - The Bigger Law Firm Magazine

Download Storytelling & Storymaking – The Bigger Law Firm Magazine

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