New judge assigned in wrongful death lawsuit

A new judge has been assigned in the wrongful death lawsuit brought by the father of an Illinois woman against her former boyfriend.

According to court records, the case has been reassigned to Judge Chuck Grace, after the plaintiff’s attorney filed a motion. The lawsuit was filed by Larry Young, the father of Molly Young, who died in the home of her former boyfriend, Richie Minton. According to Young’s attorney, the request for reassignment was made because of the possibility that Judge Solverson could be called as a witness.

According to court records, Judge Solverson was the judge who signed a search warrant for Richie Minton’s apartment at the request of Illinois State Police on March 24, 2012, the day Molly Young died. Records indicate that the warrant was secured about seven hours after Minton called 911 to report Young’s death; the family has questioned why the police waited to search the apartment.

Minton’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss the case, and a hearing was set for March 24 at the Jackson County Courthouse. No criminal charges have been filed against Minton. The State’s Attorney’s Appellate Prosecutor issued a report in November 2014 that stopped short of ruling Young’s death a suicide but also said there was not conclusive evidence to issue an indictment against Minton.

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