Former pill mill owner arrested

A former physician of a now-defunct Florida pain clinic and the former owner of the clinic are facing charges related to the trafficking of Oxycodone.

Christian Spaw was arrested on charges of conspiracy, trafficking, racketeering and manslaughter in connection to drug purchases and sales allegedly made while operating All Family Medical, a Broward County pain clinic that was allegedly a pill mill. Some of the charges related to trafficking in Oxycodone stem from 2012.

Spaw turned himself in on April 30, with his attorney by his side, after the DEA issued an arrest warrant. The most recent charge is manslaughter. Spaw’s attorney said there was an insufficient factual basis to support such a charge.

The manslaughter charge stems from the death of a patron who allegedly purchased drugs from the pain clinic and later died from cardiac arrest. The Broward County medical examiner said that the death was the result of acute combined drug toxicity, and the man’s family said that he was taking Oxycodone and Xanax.

In addition to criminal charges, operators of pill mills can face civil lawsuits for pharmaceutical negligence filed by people injured by improperly prescribed or distributed drugs.

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