What Will Your Orange County Divorce Lawyer Ask You?

Divorce Attorneys in Orange County; The Maggio Law Firm, Inc.It has long been the notion that finding a good divorce lawyer is one of the hardest tasks because the impact of your decisions will be long lasting on you and your family’s life for years to come. Yet contrary to popular belief if finding a lawyer is hard then walking into the office of a divorce attorney not knowing what to expect is especially scary.  Here are some points to know about concerning what your divorce lawyer will be asking from you.

What will he/she want to know about my assets?

Assets are an integral part of the financial side of your life and in divorce cases, the financial side along with child custody are the two most fought over topics in divorce proceedings. There are certain aspects regarding your assets that your lawyer will want to know about:

·         What do they want to know about the Real Estate?

Real estate can be defined as properties such as residential property homes, rental properties and lands etc. The key things an Orange County divorce lawyer will need are:

  • The correct location of each property
  • The date of purchase for the property
  • The details of the finances that were used to but it
  • The status of the property in terms of separate property claims

·         What kind of Information do they want about Vehicles?

More often than not vehicles aren’t considered too big an assets in terms of divorces yet if the vehicles are expensive models or rare collectibles the interest in the division of vehicles may increase. The information he’ll need is:

  • Information and details about the vehicle and date of purchase
  • The price of the vehicle
  • Any separate interest claim in the vehicle

What will the Divorce lawyer want information about with respect to my income?

The incomes of both the parties are one of the chief talking points in Orange county divorce especially with regards to the spousal and child support payments being determined.

·         What information are they looking for about the income of mine and my wife’s?

Most commonly if both of your work a job, the lawyer will need the bank statements or salary slips that you receive which clearly show your monthly and annual salary. If however one of the spouse earns his living independently, then the lawyer will need all financial documents that clearly show that income and justify its source.  Any income such as rent payments from rented apartments can be classified as earnings other than a job.

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