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Gilfix & La Poll Associates Attorney Mark Gilfix to Appear on KTVU Channel 2

Apr 11, 2015

Attorney Mark Gilfix on the set of KTVU's "Bay Area People"

Attorney Mark Gilfix on the set of KTVU’s “Bay Area People”

Palo Alto, CA (Law Firm Newswire) April 10, 2015 – Attorney Mark Gilfix will appear on the KTVU FOX Channel 2 show, “Bay Area People” to offer insights on key steps parents should follow to plan for their children’s future. The show will air Saturday, April 11 and Sunday, April 12.
The  show will focus on the challenges that special needs children and their families face, and will discuss the powerful planning options available to them.
Mark Gilfix will appear as special guest to discuss these issues. His Palo Alto law firm, Gilfix & La Poll Associates specializes in special needs trusts and other estate planning services for all types of families.
Gilfix will talk about the parents who face worries about long-term care and financial security for their disabled children, who are often unable to work or live independently and depend on their family to meet their needs. These families must plan for the lifelong special needs of the children and, indeed, make plans for when the parents are no longer able to care for them.
As Gilfix explains in the show, special needs trusts are a critical tool. Gilfix will spell out the specific steps that these parents must take. The help of a law firm experienced in special needs trusts is necessary.  Properly set up, special needs trusts provide a beneficial lifelong safety net without compromising eligibility for government benefits.
The episode of “Bay Area People” with Gilfix as the special guest will air at 6:30 a.m. Saturday, April 11 on the Fox Bay Area affiliate KTVU Channel 2 and will air again at 9:00 a.m. Sunday, April 12 on KICU Channel 36. The show will also be available for viewing on demand on Comcast.

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