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DWI Driver Kills 18-Year-Old Longboarder

Apr 3, 2015

Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) April 3, 2015 – Alix Rice’s death remains shrouded in mystery almost 4 years after DWI driver Dr. James Corasanti hit her on his way home from a golfing event in 2011.

“The driver in this case, Dr. James Corasanti, was acquitted in 2012 of manslaughter, evidence tampering and leaving the scene of an accident,” explains Michigan-based Litigation Funding Corporation representative, Daren Monroe, “but was convicted of misdemeanor drunken driving and served eight months of a one year sentence in jail for this accident.”

According to the civil trial evidence, Alix Rice was skateboarding on her way home when Corasanti allegedly struck and killed her. The wrongful death lawsuit seeks compensation from the courts for her pain, terror and suffering prior to death, as well as the economic loss from her premature death. The fact that Corasanti was driving while under the influence is not in dispute, as he was convicted for DWI for the accident.

The defense painted a picture that Rice may have been, in part, the author of her own misfortune. She was riding on the shoulder, instead of riding on a nearby sidewalk. Rice’s cell was found several feet from her body and not in her backpack or in her clothing, leading to speculation she may have been distractedly texting while boarding. This may have made her unaware of approaching traffic.

What did not become clear during the trial was the origin of a mysterious white powder on the wheels of the board. Had she been skating in the wrong place? Ultimately, the issue was never dealt with, as the matter was settled before the trial concluded.

“The resolution of this case did take quite some time,” Monroe points out “but that is not unusual with wrongful death cases. During that period of time, the Rice family would have been dealing with enormous bills relating to the death of their daughter. One solution for them may have been to apply for a lawsuit loan.”

A lawsuit loan, or pre-settlement funding, is emergency funding sent to an approved plaintiff from a litigation funding company, to allow them to pay all of their bills while they are waiting for a case resolution. The process of applying for a lawsuit loan is user friendly and plaintiffs are treated with the greatest of respect. They have already been through much before they apply for financial assistance to help them pay their bills until their case is settled or a court hands down a fair and equitable verdict.

Litigation funding, while not new, is a cutting edge alternative for cash-strapped plaintiffs.

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